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SouthernLifeStyle Fitness Center - Fitness Specialist Appointments


SouthernLifeStyle Fitness Services - Crist Plant

Services available free of charge Fitness Center Members:

Fitness center orientation

Fitness assessment & re-assessment

Program consultation & follow-up

To take advantage of these free services, employees must be members of the Fitness Center. To become a member, complete the SouthernLifeStyle Wellness Center Orientation on LearningSource.

Fitness Assessment -- To track fitness improvement, it helps to establish a baseline. The assessment includes an evaluation of your flexibility, strength and movement patterns using a Functional Movement Screen (FMS). This assessment can help the Fitness Specialist design a customized program individually tailored for you. A body composition (body fat) analysis is also available by request.

Program Consultation - Have a specific goal you want to achieve? Need help losing weight? Want to improve your golf game, knock time off your best run or not hurt so badly after shooting hoops in the court? Schedule some time to work with the Fitness Specialist who will create a customized program and walk you through the workout to ensure you know how to correctly perform all of the exercises prescribed. You will be armed with a plan to follow when it's convenient for you to exercise. Note: it is recommended that you schedule a follow-up program consultation every 6-8 weeks, so that you can progress in advancing your workouts.

Fitness Center Orientation -- Detailed tour of fitness center. Learn about the equipment and fitness resources in the fitness center. The Fitness Specialist will show you how to operate the cardio machines and how to adjust the strength training equipment. You will also learn about other fitness tools and resources such as medicine balls, stability balls, kettlebells, etc. A must for someone who's ever been in a fitness center or if it's been a really long time since you've worked out in one.


*it is not necessary but it is advised to complete a fitness assessment prior to scheduling a program consultation - the additional info gathered from the fitness assessment will help the Fitness Specialist design your custom program.

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**If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, you will have the option of doing so by using a password you create when you initially schedule your appointment. If you forget your password, please x6138**

To contact the Fitness Specialist, call 444.6138

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