Life Chain


This signs you up to work the Respect Life table in the SEAS foyer after Masses on Sept 26th/27th and Oct 3rd/4th.

The purpose of the table is to get parishioners to sign up to participate in the SEAS Life Chain.

The Life Chain itself will be on Sunday October 4th, 2:30 to 3:30 in Wodbridge on the north side of Smoketown Road between Burger King and Kaiser Permanente .

Lake Ridge VA
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First Weekend
Sep 26th 6:00pm Mass
John Puglisi
Sep 27th 7:30am Mass
Sep 27th 9:00am Mass
brenda accornero
Sep 27th 10:45am Mass
Lorna Wickham
Sep 27th 12:30pm Mass
Second Weekend
Oct 3rd 6:00pm Mass
Ann Ireland
Oct 4th 7:30am Mass
Oct 4th 9:00am Mass
Pat Scherer
Oct 4th 10:45am Mass
Lorna Wickham
Oct 4th 12:30pm Mass
Jill Rinke

Lake Ridge VA

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