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LIVE Urban Real Estate - Property Tour Sign-Up Sheet

The office will tour upcoming listings, current listings or potential listings an agent is trying to secure. Please list your properties to tour at the next Broker Meetings. We tour the first and third Wednesday every month (with an occasional exception). The tour after the monthly mandatory meeting will begin immediately after the meeting, usually around 12noon. The tour on the third Wednesday meets at the office and starts at 9am.

Under "Special Requests" please indicate if you have a specific time request, if the seller will be home, etc.

The office only tours a property once, unless changes have been made to warrant a second visit. Please consider whether the home is ready to be seen (staged, cleaned, etc.) if necessary.

Tour preference is City of Denver properties only. Properties outside the city of Denver are optional, and will be placed at the end of the tour. In lieu of touring properties outside of Denver, please email your property tour to all LIVE brokers for their virtual review.

Please let us know if you have a special property out of our immediate area that you'd like the office to tour. Mary will approve.

Please be courteous to your fellow brokers: Participate! If you don't attend tour on a regular basis, we will not tour your property. Property tour benefits everyone with current market knowledge, a valuable sales tool for those trying to secure a listing, and provides insight for the listing agent.

We need a minimum of 3 properties to conduct a tour. Tour will be cancelled if we have less than the minimum.

Deadline is the 12 noon the day before the tour.

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March 15
Enter Property Address
Enter Property Address
Enter Property Address
2895 Grape St
Kelly Kozlowski
5 bedrooms
2 baths
Detached RES
New Listing - Comes to market soon
If we could be after 10 am in the line up that would be helpful
1760 N Franklin Street, Unit 9
Allison Panter
1 bedroom
1 bath
Attached RES
Thinking low $200s
New Listing - Comes to market soon

123 E 3rd Ave
Joy Opp
1 bedroom
1 bath
New Listing - Comes to market soon
Price opinion appreciated
2505 Julian & 3405 W 25th
Bobbi Kim
3000 and 1800
3 bedrooms
3 baths
Attached RES
Need Feedback
Potential Listing - need input
First stop(s) on the tour. Would love as much feedback as possible.

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