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Mother Daughter Tea


It's that special time of year again for the

Mother Daughter Tea!

Saturday, April 29th from 9:30-11 in the Social Hall

Please sign up below if you would be able to provide something.  This could be a special chance to bake with your daughter or pick out at the store.  There is a line below your name to type specifically what you will be bringing.  For example, if you sign up for a fruit, you could specifically type: chocolate covered strawberries. 

The categories are rather broad, but know that we're going with a French theme.  So, if you are feeling crazy & want to make something specifically French, go for it! There a few ideas from the 4th grade girls as suggestions to start each category, but choose whatever you would like.  :)

Remember that everything should be small & able to be eaten with no utensils except a toothpick.  Feel free to sign up for more than one slot if you'd like.  You may bring your food ready to serve or we will have trays available for plating as well.

Thank you for helping make this extra special!

Lincoln, NE
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Name/Specific Item
bouquet of flowers for by Mary
Sara Meents
Flowers Check!!!
garden flowers for bud vases
Delana Ramirez
24 fruit (strawberries, grapes, melon balls, pineapple...)
Monica and Chloe
24 fruit
Lynn Sweeney
24 fruit
Becca & Kaleigh Mousel
veggies & dip tray
Cathy & Inara
veggies & dip
24 finger sandwiches (cucumber, chicken salad, pinwheels...)
Jennifer & Abby
Cucumber sandwiches
24 finger sandwiches
Lori Abel
24 finger sandwiches
meat & cheese tray
Kathy Mastel
Meat cheese tray
24 bread (scones, muffins, crossaints, crepes...)
Kristine Placek
24 bread
Courtney and Anastasia
muffins/French breakfast puffs
24 bread
Cathy & Reyne
24 mini quiche
Hollie and Gianna
ham and swiss
24 mini quiche
Hollie and Francesca
bacon and cheddar
24 mini desserts (macaroons, eclairs, lemon tarts, cream puffs...)
Rebecca and Reaghan Christensen
24 mini desserts
Jill and Neva Sinica
Mini Cream Puffs
24 mini desserts
Lindsey Preusker
Lindsey Preusker
fleur de lis cream cheese mints
make with 4th graders
fleur de lis chocolates
make with 4th graders
variety of teabags
Monica and Alexis
sugar cubes, liquid creamer, frilled toothpicks
Caitlin Riordan
Sugar cubes, toothpicks, creamer
lemonade mix, fruit for water
Nikki Konz
cold drinks covered!
cold water dispenser
Nikki Konz
glass dispenser
lemonade dispenser
Nikki Konz
glass dispenser
hot water dispenser

Lincoln, NE

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