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Neighborhood Challenge

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Course:  Lion's Paw

Tee Times:  12:00 PM - 12:54 PM (DT)

 Maximum Number of Players:  TBA

 Sign Up Deadline:  August 5, 2016

 Prizes:  "Trophy" to winning team.

 Awards Presentation:  The award will be presented after the tournament (Aug. 10).  There will also be a pre-tournament dinner on Tuesday, August 9 @ 5:00 PM at Tamer's which will be a spirited and sumptuous Italian dinner.  The teams should be dressed in their neighborhood colors, waving their mascot flags and avowing their eagerness to claim the prize.

 Entry Fee:  $15   Give your money to your team captain ASAP

 Game:  Neighborhood Challenge

 Format:  The designated neighborhoods will have teams consisting of at least 4 players.  Pick up if you haven't holed the ball in 10 strokes.  The handicap of each person will be subtracted from their gross score to arrive at their net score.  The nets for each group will be added together and divided by the number of players to get an average team score.  The team with the lowest average team score will win the coveted prize.

Rules: Play the ball down.   If CPO, lift, clean and place through the green. Gimmies 12".

 Sign Up:  The membership has been canvassed and all who indicated an interest in playing have been signed up.  If your plans have changed and you can now play, please add your name in an open slot for your neighborhood.  If there is room, we will try to fit you in.  Even if you cannot play, you can always still participate in the pre-tournament dinner and/or pay $15 and come to the dinner wearing your team's colors and celebrating with your neighborhood.  Contact your Team Captain to become part of this event. 

To undo your name, contact Diane Wright.

Sign up sheet will close at 8:00 PM on Friday, August 5, 2016. If you need to cancel within 72 hours of the event, please contact Diane Wright,   director for this event.

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