Meet Lon

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Join Lon, John, Mark & Nicole for lunch or dinner on us!

This is your opportunity to get to know Lon better & ask any questions you might have. Sign up for one of the following below. Come ask your questions & enjoy a good conversation, with good people & over good food!


2/17/17 12pm @ Bacon Social
2/20/17 12pm @ Bacon Social



2/9/17 6pm @ SushiHai

2/20/17 6pm @ SushiHai

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2/9 6PM Sushi Hai
2/17 12PM Bacon Social
2/20 12PM Bacon Social
2/20 6PM Sushi Hai
Mark White
John Skrabec
Mark White
John Skrabec
Jill Mant
Babs Symonds
Alli Aman
Heather Truhan
Liz Reyes
Kay Dale
Nate Abbott
Allie McCarthy
Michelle Wells
Karen Dixon
Paul K
Doug Sutton
Mary Lemieux
Josh Gertz
Susan Adams
Katie Bozard
Vicki Manton
Shelley Conger
Delfino Juarez
Amy Anderson
james sanchez
Sara Wilhelm
Rebekah Robinson
Annette Knutson
Randi Goldberg
Nancy Bible
Piper Leitz
june schlesinger
Min Kaess
lauren eddy
Bobbi Kim
Caren Colangelo
Vicki Manton

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