Highlands Square Street Fair Booth - THIS SATURDAY


Please wear LIVE URBAN gear and come ready to be high-energy, outgoing, and awesome during your entire booth shift!


Also, please arrive early...parking is very difficult during the event and you will likely need to park several blocks away.

You will be collecting drawing slips to win a custom Live Urban cornhole set!

You will also have a prize wheel that people can spin to win small Live Urban prizes.

Agents who work the booth will receive leads to follow up with. If you make a connection with someone, please write your name on the back of their drawing slip so that we can make sure that you receive their information and can follow up with them.

John and Madie will be your support people during the event, please let them know if you need anything!

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Setup/Booth 8-10
Live Booth 10-12
Live Booth 12-2
Live Booth 2-4
Live Booth/teardown 4-6
Sandi Klatt
Bobbi Kim
Amy Anderson
Karen Dixon
Jill Adams
Michelle Wells
Lauren Eddy
Linda Kriebel
Paul K
Toni Ciarlelli
Liz Reyes
Nicole Luna
Kay Dale

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