West De Pere Concession Stand Shifts - Wrestling 2015/16

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Please click the buttons on the table below to choose your shifts (scroll right to see all shifts) and enter any required information. 

To change or cancel a shift you have scheduled, please Click to Contact WDP Booster Club, provide us with the details and we will make the change for you. Thank you for your support!!  Please wait until the new shift workers have arrived before leaving from your shift.

West De Pere Wrestling concessions
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Wrestling 2015-16
Regular shifts
Thursday 12/3/15 vs Kewaunee (JV 6:00, VAR 6:30)
Thursday 12/10/15 vs New London (JV 6:00/VAR 6:30)
Thursday 12/17/15 vs Menasha (JV 6:00, VAR 6:30)
Thursday 1/28/16 vs Seymour (JV 6:00/VAR 6:30)
Lead open/close
Connie Benoit
Connie Benoit
Jennifer Graef
Jennifer Graef
5:30-7:30 (End)
Joy Langreder
Tim Bald
Tami Frisque
Dan novak
5:30-7:30 (End)
Tom Wegner
Jennifer Graef
5:30-7:30 (End)
Rachel Wegner
Amy vandenberg

West De Pere Wrestling concessions

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