sign up sheet and registration

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You have created something like this before.

Filled out a piece of paper and passed it around in a meeting or posted it on the wall.

You remember what came back too!


Did it came back looking like this! (click here)

Figure 1 -- a hand written signup



When you got it back, if you were lucky it was filled out.

Now the questions

  • Is it readable?
  • Did too many people file out a slot?
  • Did a crossed out slot get ignored?
  • Did everybody give you their email address, or some other important piece of information?
  • How are you going to get the rest of you spots filled now?

With you can let your volunteers know a web address to visit.  On this site, you can clearly list the jobs, times or items that you need and provide clear instructions.

Your signup will be visible to everybody that needs to know about it-- because you tell them.  Everybody has the same chance to enter.  If they find they can't do it, instead of not doing what you need (or bringing what you need) they can "undo" their agreement.

Your visitors can check back all the time to see if all the jobs are full.  Often knowing other people are helping makes others more willing to pitch in too.

Instead of using paper, use the web.  Try a LIVE example.


Figure 2 -- What you usually get back.  UNREADABLE!


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