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Searching for a Signup?  Enter the email address for the person with the signup below. retiring on June 30th

Hello MySignUp Friends,

This is Randy Stackhouse, the founder and CEO of MySignUp. I have some exciting news to share with you as I am planning to make some changes in the next couple of weeks. The time has come for me to retire, but not to worry, I am passing you off into trusted hands where you can continue to use free SignUp sheets and seamlessly organize your events and happenings. 

After carefully considering all options, I decided on the best resource - I’ve known’s founder, Karen Bantuveris, for many years and I assure you that Karen and her team will provide you with not only an easy-to-use SignUp experience, but with a team of people I trust with the same trust my users put in me. They have been in business since 2009 and have helped more than 11M people make a difference in their local schools, communities and workplaces. will stop procesisng signup sheets on June 30th, this should give you plenty of time to complete your signup and move to

I introduce you to! 
  •  Modern planning tools create attractive SignUps, save you time, boost participation and make it easy to manage your activities on mobile devices. 
  •  Participants and volunteers will love that they can sign up 24/7 from any device, anywhere - NO passwords required. 
  •  Automated reminders and calendar sync will help keep everyone on track. 
  •  Always free and easy! Click here to get started today

What Happens Now?
If you visit MySignUp between now and June 1, you will be able to login and access your existing SignUps. If you want to organize a NEW SignUp, you’ll notice that you’ve been directed to a new page - a new page. 

The team is ready to help and would like to familiarize you with their planning tools. Please feel free to take advantage of these free options: 
  •  Watch quick tips videos here.
  •  Attend a free introduction webinar including a walk-through of how works with time to ask questions. Register here
  •  Reach out to Diana Schlott on their Support team for answers to specific questions to or schedule a 1:1 coaching appointment:

A Very Warm Thank You
MySignUp users - thank you for offering me so many wonderful years where I was able to help you coordinate the things you care about. I have so much pride and feel very grateful for the work I’ve been doing with you. I encourage you to continue your good works and to explore for your future events and activities.

To be clear, your need to complete your signup on by June 30th as it will no longer be accessable

Randy Stackhouse

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