MySignUp allows you to create a simple web page that is accessible and updateable by the people in your club, school, office or group.   You can then invite your people to visit your MySignUp web page and sign up for a position.

MySignUp is very versatile, examples are provided here.

Here are some MySignUp examples:

  • Holiday Office Party --- Who brings What?

  • A MySignUp of people to attend a class or meeting

  • A MySignUp for people to volunteer at an event

  • A MySignUp for office workers to pick a work time

  • A MySignUp for the office party or picnic.

  • A MySignUp to share duties in your club

  • A MySignUp to be first to get the best times fairly

  • Any signup you might do on paper, can be done on


If you have ever been responsible for getting people to sign up for a "timeslot" or a particular "job" or to "bring something" you know how much work that can be.   If you are responsible for that now, MySignUp is for you!

With MySignUp there is:

  • No more calling and calling on the phone.

  • No more having only half the people signing up because they think others are not signing up too.

  • No more having some people "doing all the work" because "no one else will"

  • No more duplicates and overlaps in what everybody signed up to do.


  Using you can create a simple sign up page.  After you have the page created, all you have to do is tell your group where the page is and have them go to that web page and signup.

What is unique about that is that others from your group can go to the site and see that others are signing up and realize that they need to "do their part" to and will sign up.  This way, everybody can see that everybody else is volunteering to "chip in" to get whatever you have set up accomplished.

See the list of examples listed below, find one that is like what you are trying to do.  Click on the link and see an example that matches your volunteer signup needs

Everybody taking a "time" to cover a "table" at some event.

Everybody needs to bring an "item".

Everybody needs to signup to take a class.


Hot Tip
The Examples pages can show you how others have used MySignUp and how it might help you.

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MySignUp is NOT
a site where you create a page and expect random people to visit.  You must get your people to go to the site to signup.



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