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There are many reasons to use

You have seen "
signup sheets" many times... They are passed around at meetings, at work, at school and at just about any other situation where several people meet.   MySignUp allows you to create a signup but on the web instead of on paper.  This has many advantages. 

  • No Software to install. Your Sign Up Sheet can be accessed from any browser -- any where on the internet
  • Its easier for you and your visitors to use.  Paper signups are messy, people don't fill out the information right.. MySignUp is online so everything is kept in the right place
  • Its fair to your volunteers.  Everybody has the same chance to get the spots they want.  First come first served.  People can't signup for slots that are already taken.
  • Its ONLINE and interactive for you.  After a signup, people find their plans change.  Most of the time they just skip out on you.  With My Signup, you can allow them to "undo" what they signup for, or not-- its your choice.
  • It helps get people to signup quickly.  This is very important and often overlooked.  Often people wait til the last minute before signing up.  This way EVERYBODY can see if the jobs are getting done.  This has two positive effects.  People will tend to 'get in gear'  when they see work needs to be done. People also will tend to help once they see others are signing up.
  • You are in Control.  You have complete control of the signup.  You can print it, you can change it, you can close it during the signup. 
  • It gives you MS Excel output.  You can have your MySignup emailed to you directly whenever you want.
  • You can get email updates of signups.  When people signup, you can get email about who signed up.  It will be immediately after they signup. So you can contact them quickly.
  • It will expire automatically for you. MySignUp pages expire on the date and time you choose. You can inform your users and they need to signup by a certain date and at that time and date, MySignUp will stop accepting inputs.  The time left is displayed on the page.
  • It costs you nothing. We post ads on the page.   They are based on the inputs you give in the instructions and keywords.  Often people find very valuable links relative to your group in the ads.   Ads can be disabled via Paypay payment of $3 or at request in special circumstances.
  • Web page is easy.  You will pick a short name and the location of the signup will be

  For a full presentation of MySignUp please upload this Power Point Presentation

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Our Mission:
Provide simple and cheap web signups to the volunteers of America and the people that Organize them.   Allow for clear communication of volunteers so that all can see who's doing what and what else needs to be done.

Company Profile:
Developed from real world volunteer efforts in Girls Scouts, Soccer and PTSO
Many users of MySignUp web site have found it easy to use and very helpful
We are a small company with few employees, all working so hard you'd think they were paid!

Please read our home page and view our examples... Then create your own example page at our pleasure.  Then find ways to use MySignUp to help your club, office, group, organization, school or any other organization

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